Services & prices

I offer a variety of services at competitive prices.

Proofreading & copy-editing

Proofreading is checking what you’ve written for small but potentially costly errors.

Copy-editing is improving what you’ve written by checking for accuracy, fixing big grammatical issues, and sometimes changing sentences, paragraphs or pages around.

Proofreading & copy-editing rates

I’ll assess a sample of your writing and quote you a price based on the following rates…

  • Basic Proofread [minimal corrections needed]:
    • £6 per 1000 words [sometimes less for very large jobs]
  • Intensive Proofread [more frequent corrections needed]:
    • £8 per 1000 words
  • Copy-edit [frequent corrections and some restructuring needed]:
    • £11 per 1000 words
  • Editing for non-native speakers of English:
    • Individually priced

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Copywriting is rewriting from your first draft or notes* or writing copy for you from scratch.*

(*…but not if you are a student or must be the author of your own work for any other reason, naturally!)

Copywriting rates

Fees for copywriting are quoted case by case.

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Use these services for…

Your website (including SEO-friendly copywriting), brochure, report, funding application, manual, manuscript, journal, thesis, leaflet… in short, anything that has words in it and needs to be clear, accurate and compelling.

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