Make your writing the key to your success, not the thing that lets you down…

Are you a creative writer with ambition?

Do you produce written communications for business projects?

Save time, money and morale by using my services to improve your writing and get your message across

  • clearly
  • accurately
  • compellingly.

“An analysis of website figures shows a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half”

– BBC News


I offer…

  • Proofreading – I check what you’ve written for small but potentially costly errors
  • Copy-editing – I improve what you’ve written by fixing grammar, checking for accuracy and sometimes changing sentences, paragraphs or pages around
  • Copywriting – I rewrite from your first draft or notes, or I write copy for you from scratch.

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When to use my services


  • your manuscript needs more polish and punch
  • you need engaging business literature that is free of errors
  • you’d rather let someone else do the blogging
  • your end-of-project report doesn’t reveal the true value of your work
  • your assignment needs bringing up to the mark.